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(frequently asked questions)

You have a question that is not answered ? Write an email at horstjens@gmail.com

how much € ?

  • You can see the actual prices at Kurszeiten und Preise (in German). Courses in other languages can cost extra, depending of the social and linguistic skills of the students (if i have to create a new class for Englisch-speaking students it cost more than when i can add the students to an existing German-speaking class).

when ?

  • Courses for children take place during the school-week at afternoon or evenings. In the holidays i make courses before noon (9.00AM until 12.00 AM). For other course times please contact me. For more information, see time table and holyday courses (in German language).

What means gratis Schnupperstunde ?

  • It means that you can come the first time for free and try if you like it. No risk.

Can i come only for an half-hour ? Or only every second week ?

  • No.

Where is the course ?

  • Also see Kontakt. If no other agreement is made, the course is at this address:
   Horst JENS
   Brigittenauerlände 6
   1020 WIEN
   ring at Büro JENS , first floor.

Statplanausschnitt, Copyright Stadt Wien, Datenquelle: www.wien.gv.at/stadtplan

How to get there:

Take Subway U4 (green) to station Rossauerlände, cross the bridge and turn left.

Or take tram 31 or bus 5a and exit at station Gaussplatz.

Do i have to bring my own computer ?

  • No. You can bring your own computer if you want, but htis is not necessary.

Do i need a special computer with commercial software to train at home ?

  • No, any functional PC (Windows or Linux) computer should do to train at home. You will get a LiveCD with all programs that you need.

Do i need to have a computer at home at all ?

It is recommended that you have access to a computer (like in an internet cafe or in a public library). Having access to your own computer is of course a good thing.

Do i have to install Linux on my computer at home ?

  • No, but you can if you want install Linux permanently together with your old Operation System (Windows). If you want.

Any other prerequisites that i need ?

  • You should like to read, like to learn and like to test out new things. You should know how to work with an Email-address. (This can be learned in the course, too). You should be able to work together with other people and students.

I am old, can i still go to the course ?

My courses and the price tag aim at children/young people between 8 and 18 years. If you are still playful and curious in mind you are welcome, but extra classes and prices have to be negotiated.


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