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ThePythonGameBook TicTacToe

I finally found the time to seriously write for my long, long sleeping ThePythonGameBook.com project.

I had to remove much of the old stuff i wrote more than 10 years before, and i will soon either rewrite completely or remove most of the remaining old content.

But here it is, the first pages in the new design. Not final yet, but already usable:

It's a (at the moment) 5 - page tutorial about writing a TicTacToe Game in http://www.python.org.

For making pull requests, corrections, writing issues, please use this Github repository:

For discussing and comments, please use this thread on Reddit:

Other changes:

  • The license of the book content was updated from creative commons share alike 3.0 to creative commons share alike 4.0 international.
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