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Roboexotica 2018

Like in previous years i also visited yesterday night the Roboexotica festival for Cocktail robotics… a fun event organized each year in Vienna by artist from the group Monochrome and friends. Students and makers show off heir cocktail (or other alcohol) delivering machines, often requiring some kind of drinking games from the audience.

The event took place in the cellar of Vienna's Nestroyhof theatre. The main entrance worked as a “normal” bar-like party area with cloakroom and beer, the “robots” were housed in the big cellar rooms. Right on the entrance you got an “welcome gummybear”, of course soaked in alcohol.

I recognized some of the machines from previous years. ( see 2016 and 2014). As i felt a bit sick yesterday i was not really in the mood to party and just made a few photos and disappeared again. My general impressions was that the festival is a well established part of Vienna's event scene now and no longer some kind of nerdy underground event. It was well announced in newspapers and media.

I really did not miss the previous years when smoking was (partly) allowed… This time there was no smoking allowed at all and i think it did the overall atmosphere a good service.

As always at Roboexotica, part of the fun is watching the various machines in action, or participating int the drinking games invented by the machine creators. For example, one installation required the customer to attach big vibrating blocks to his forearms and then try to mix a drink himself, with the hands of course shaking like mad… a Parkinson simulator.

The other thing i noticed is the increasing good-looking style of the machines. Makers really tuned up every installation with colorful led-lights, good-looking graphics and of course, as always, funny names and creative ideas.

Visiting is highly recommended :-)

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