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Links i like

Summary: Interesting links that i liked this week, in english and in german language

Interesting websites i found this week, hopefully new every friday:

classical video games

Games: Long article about Good old games and the “saving and restoring of classical video games”. I got full early 90 nostalgia by looking at the screenshots of those games.

teaching software engineering


dancing Derek

Funny: Derek Breen (and others) dancing the “ode to code” for European codeweek: Inside, outside and backstage


Education / animated video: animated videos explain the history of ideas

future of education


Education: students help students by donating pencils, with CAI's pennies for peace program.

The Central Asian Institute publishes calendars and journals full with stunning pictures and stories about educators in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If you have not yet done so, read the books of CAI's founder, Greg Mortenson


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