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python3 pygame tutorial

Summary: video tutorial series about pygame and python3

While my ever-sleeping ThePythonGamebook project makes currently no progress this guy does something:

From experience i can tell that a good tutorial consist of a lot of little things done right, and i'm full of admiration because “Sentdex” avoid many popular mistakes

  • Many video tutorials offer a blank screen (or the programming IDE) while the narrator tells something. Sentdex took the effort of cutting and editing the video, doing close-up's of himself as for the introduction and later making the code the main actor while putting himself in a “picture in picture” box. This sound not hard but is actually a lot of (unpaid for) work.
  • While online video tutorials have their usefullness (things like showing how to navigate a complex user interface), for information alone, specially about coding, text is usally better suited. It is far more simple to read text (and source code) than watching, (and re-winding) a video. Thankfully, the Python3 pygame tutorial series works as well without the videos, because all the necessary source code examples are visible in the blog. I wish more youtubers would take this effort.
  • Screen size: Simply screencasting while you code and explain result in a near-not-readable font in most cases. While it sound trivial to “just increase the font size” it is not done in countless video tutorials. Here the fonsize makes sense.
  • Focus and lenght: Trying to explain too many details is as irritating for the learner as is letting out too much “obvious” facts. I think the Sentdex did it right with this series, eight easy to digest parts mostly improving one and the same example.

Critique: The only think i miss is a link explaining the license of code and tutorial and a link to the whole code examples on githup or another repository. Very cool: On the youtube video description is a Bitcoin-address for donations.


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