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money with gamejams

(not python related)

I have seen this guy participating in a game jam in Vienna's Metalab. He is good. His Forum posting is very interesting: He will auction off his next -not yet written- game jam entry (on GiGJam). If this idea works, game jams can suddenly turn from amusing to profitable for the participants.

See the original forum post:

original url:

Don't laugh, I'm serious with this. I got a decent track record
regarding game jams, I'm even doing this #onegameamonth thing, and
my games get better, a lot. In April I've created a puzzle game,
first with Corona and I still fail at marketing so I wonder why not
sell off the games to someone who's actually good at marketing. Sad
to see a good game to waste, isn't it? I previously won a gamejam in
2010 with a game called The Flying Camera and I barely ever fail at

So for the upcoming GIGJam I want to auction my game, and in the
spirit of kickstarter, start the auction before the jam even starts.
I'll post regular updates on the game while working on it.

What the lucky winner gets is:

* The game that I create during the GigJam this weekend
* All the copyright on the idea, artwork, sound and the code I'm
  going to write.
* All the code, artwork, and sound comes in a git repo for extra
* 1 additional day of my work to adjust the game to your needs
  and get it ready for submission
* Bugfixes within the first month
* For every $150 of the winning bid another day of work. Maximum
  4 days within a month (i.e. $600 gets you a whole week)
* If you started bidding before the jam begins on you get those
  extra days for only $100

Bids are accepted under info@ananasblau.com until the very end of
the jam or if that time passes without bids the first to mail me
gets the game for $1. If against all odds I should fail to complete
the game during the jam the bidders are given a choice wether to
redraw their bid or give me another day to work on the game.

See my previous games at http://ananasblau.com/games

Don't bid if you don't have experience with marketing. I'd rather
settle for $100 and see the game being the next Angry bird than
making $1000 in this auction.


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