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The pycrawl_itemdemo.py ( part of my ThePythonGameBook project ) is finally working.

I re-wrote my complete class structure and i will have to apply those changes to the previous walkdemo and monsterdemo some time in the future.

In the itemdemo, it is now possible to walk around, pick up (stacks of) items and drop single items. Monsters are present, but staying around idle.

Next step: creating an actiondemo, where you can fight monsters and interact with shops, traps, doors, ladders etc.

The pure python text-only adventure / rpg Game First Fantasy is currently developed on github by Dale Everett and friends and i must say i'm very impressed.

Dale is writing a blog about his project and i'm very happy that there are more pure python game projects out there. Sadly, i am slow enough already with my own project so i decided not to involve myself into Dale's First Fantasy project, at least for the moment. It is nice to see how active the First Fantasy project is developed on github ( nearly daily pull requests ).

[fork graph of The [[https://github.com/Bluedagger21/the-first-fantasy|First Fantasy]] project on github.com[/caption]

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