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new url: www.pythongamebook.com

Finally a new url to The Python Game Book works:


while www.pygamebook.com still works, i think www.pythongamebook.com will become the official url for my book.

Reasons: the book is more than just a book about pygame, and python is the one element important for all three major parts of the book: programming, 2D graphics and 3D graphics.

At the moment, the new url is only a simple forwarding so that the “real” url shows up in the browser:

http://www.spielend-programmieren.at/pythongamebook, hopefully not scaring readers away.

A better solution would be to replace the “www.spielend-programmieren.at” part with “www.pythongamebook.com” but beside a very costly solution i have not figured out how to do that.


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