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Welcome to the Wiki of spielend-programmieren !


Read news about programming courses, related events or the open-source Life of Vienna in my Blog. I post in German and in English language:


spielend-programmieren is German and means roughly programming while playing. spielend-programmieren is a firm in Vienna, Austria , founded and run by Horst JENS and offers computer-programming courses for (mostly young) students 1). The courses focus on game programming using free/open source software like Linux and Python, Pygame and Blender and several other programming tools and languages.

Official language during the courses is German, but can be changed into English depending on the students language skills.

Students are expected to come 2 hours per week to take classes or come daily during Austrian school holidays holidays for 3 hours / day. Other shedules are possible. For more information please look up the (German) section Kursdetails of this wiki.

Please note that because the official homepage is in German language, the European date format is DD-MM-YYYY.

For courses in other languages or at other places / for other audiences please contact Horst JENS (in English or German).


See the FAQ frequently asked questions page

course instructor

Horst JENS * Horst JENS, course instructor and founder of http://spielend-programmieren.at

other projects


address, phone, telefax: see contact information.

E-mail: mailto:horstjens@gmail.com

minimum age 10 years. … higher prices for adults
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