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Informationspflicht gemäß Wirtschaftskammer Wien
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Projects, Blog, Book, Videos


Nicht alle meiner Projekte haben mit Programmierkursen zu tun, aber alle beschäftigen sich mit den Themen Open Source / Open education / Open Hardware. Allgemeine Kontaktmöglichkeiten (email, twitter etc) siehe →Kontakt.

Not all of my projects are related to my programming courses, but nearly all of my projects touch the topic of open source/hardware/education. To contact me about details please see my contact page


I'm self deployed, my company name is spielend-programmieren (german for “programming while playing): http://spielend-programmieren.at - I offer service in the area of (open source) game/app programming courses, specially for children and young audience.


Blog: Open everything - I blog about things that happen in my courses and about topics that i find intersting for me and my customers. source) and (in English) about my The Python Game Book Project. This blog includes and replace those outdated blogs:


Jorunal: http://InternationalOpenMagazine.org - a free, complete creativ-commons cc-by-sa 4.0 licensed Online blog/magazine and podcast with focus on using free open source (FOSS) in education

Journal: RIS Journal - german language, i made only one issue so far


Book: http://ThePythonGameBook.com - a free creativ-commons cc-by-sa 4.0 licensed Online Tutorial about game programming with Pyhton. Sadly i have not much time for this project as i am forced to do un-creative things like earning money.


Podcast: http://internationalopenmagazine.org/category/podcast.html: English language podcast for international open magazine. New episodes in irregular intervals. Focus on education / Free Open Source topics

Podcast: http://biertaucher.at - (german for beer-diver): a weekly, german language, Vienna based, cc-by-sa licensed Audio Podcast about nerd topics (like free Software)


Society (Verein) https://iot-austria.at (internet of things Austria (was: Open Source Domotics)): a Vienna based non-profit society to advance and research Smart-Home-solutions using free and open source software and open hardware. We have a focus on 6LoWPAN-wireless protocol and build and sell prototypes and organise shoolings. Chairman is: Harald Pichler), events are published on the IoT Austria Homepage or on Internet of things Vienna Meetup a.


[spielend-programmieren Messestandbesucherin auf der GameCity 2012]

To use my pictures, you need to follow the rules of the creative-commons license:



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Youtube channel Youtube Channel spielenprogrammieren Reviews, Interviews, Tutorials, day-to-day course life. The name spielend-programmieren was too long for youtube so my channel's name is spielenprogrammieren.
ShowMeDo author Horst Jens ShowMeDo channel "HorstJens" Older Screencast's on ShowMeDo
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