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Informationspflicht gemäß Wirtschaftskammer Wien
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Projects, Blog, Book, Videos


Nicht alle meiner Projekte haben mit Programmierkursen zu tun, aber alle beschäftigen sich mit den Themen Open Source / Open education / Open Hardware. Allgemeine Kontaktmöglichkeiten (email, twitter etc) siehe →Kontakt.

Not all of my projects are related to my programming courses, but nearly all of my projects touch the topic of open source/hardware/education. To contact me about details please see my contact page


I'm self deployed, my company name is spielend-programmieren (german for “programming while playing): http://spielend-programmieren.at - I offer service in the area of (open source) game/app programming courses, specially for children and young audience.


Blog: Open everything - I blog about things that happen in my courses and about topics that i find intersting for me and my customers. source) and (in English) about my The Python Game Book Project. This blog includes and replace those outdated blogs:


Jorunal: http://InternationalOpenMagazine.org - a free, complete creativ-commons cc-by-sa 4.0 licensed Online blog/magazine and podcast with focus on using free open source (FOSS) in education

Journal: RIS Journal - german language, i made only one issue so far


Book: http://ThePythonGameBook.com - a free creativ-commons cc-by-sa 4.0 licensed Online Tutorial about game programming with Pyhton. Sadly i have not much time for this project as i am forced to do un-creative things like earning money.


Podcast: http://internationalopenmagazine.org/category/podcast.html: English language podcast for international open magazine. New episodes in irregular intervals. Focus on education / Free Open Source topics

Podcast: http://biertaucher.at - (german for beer-diver): a weekly, german language, Vienna based, cc-by-sa licensed Audio Podcast about nerd topics (like free Software)


Society (Verein) https://iot-austria.at (internet of things Austria (was: Open Source Domotics)): a Vienna based non-profit society to advance and research Smart-Home-solutions using free and open source software and open hardware. We have a focus on 6LoWPAN-wireless protocol and build and sell prototypes and organise shoolings. Chairman is: Harald Pichler), events are published on the IoT Austria Homepage or on Internet of things Vienna Meetup a.


To use my pictures, you need to follow the rules of the creative-commons license:



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Youtube channel Youtube Channel spielenprogrammieren Reviews, Interviews, Tutorials, day-to-day course life. The name spielend-programmieren was too long for youtube so my channel's name is spielenprogrammieren.
ShowMeDo author Horst Jens ShowMeDo channel "HorstJens" Older Screencast's on ShowMeDo
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