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ThePythonGameBook update Slowly, my ideas about ThePythonGameBook become visible: [[[[http://ThePythonGameBook.com/en:python:tictactoe:step006|ThePythonGameBook]]: side-by-side diff]] [[[[http://ThePythonGameBook.com/en:python:tictactoe:step006|ThePythonGameBook]]: code inside TabBox]] The first tutorial in the new design is nearly complete, you can check it out here: * When I started this project more than 10 years ago I had a diff…
ThePythonGameBook TicTacToe [ ] I finally found the time to seriously write for my long, long sleeping ThePythonGameBook.com project. I had to remove much of the old stuff i wrote more than 10 years before, and i will soon either rewrite completely or remove most of the remaining old content.
Python class tutorial This Python class example is meant to follow by copy the code into a python shell (like Idle) and experiment with it by altering the code. Of course you can also write longer (and more comfortable) code pieces in your usual Python editor.
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