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ThePythonGameBook update

Slowly, my ideas about ThePythonGameBook become visible:


The first tutorial in the new design is nearly complete, you can check it out here:

When I started this project more than 10 years ago I had a different project in mind (I originally wanted to write a book), my coding skills were inferior then they are now, Python had fewer awesome 3rd-party libraries, Dokuwiki had far fewer plugins, and I had other priorities and goals.

The good thing is that my core ideas about ThePythonGameBook remained constant:

  • teach programming by programming games
  • explain not only how to do something but why to do something
  • cover the middle ground between explaining very basic programming concepts and official (API) documentation sites


Over the last few days I spent much time testing a lot of diverse Dokuwiki plugins. I am quite happy with using Dokuwiki, not only because I used it since many years, but also because it gives me more options than other wikis (like the wiki sites of Github projects).

Things i did not even dreamed about are now possible, like:


not yet good

Some things are not (yet) like I want:

  • The dokuwiki standard code plugin (included into dokuwiki) had a nice feature to display a clickable filename above the code snippet, offering to download the code sinppet as file. But when i displayed code snippets with more than 100 lines using this method the line numbers became incorrect (starting again at 1 after line 99)
  • I like the side-by-side file compare viewer of GitHub a lot, but i have not yet mastered to include it inside a Dokuwiki page. It should be possible by using GitHub's API and an iframe but i gave up after a while and used diff2HtmlCompare instead.
  • diff2HtmlCompare creates complete websites with html and css, good looking but not identical to syntaxhighlighter4. Because the created html-code is rather big i prefer at the moment to host the output side-by-side diffs as separate websites and include it into Dokuwiki via iframe, but this makes the workflow of writing additional complex.
  • I have not decided yet if I want to use Dokuwiki's tagging system or if i should concentrate on using exclusively my ever-growing python en:glossary:start|Glossary instead. The main problem is that I do not clearly know yet what I want exactly
  • I miss (yet) a way to show multi-site Table-of content at a tutorial start page

next steps

My goals for the next days are finishing the TicTacToe tutorial, improving the glossary and then writing more and more tutorials…

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