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Roboexotica 2018 Like in previous years i also visited yesterday night the Roboexotica festival for Cocktail robotics... a fun event organized each year in Vienna by artist from the group Monochrome and friends. Students and makers show off heir cocktail (or other alcohol) delivering machines, often requiring some kind of drinking games from the audience.
(this is a personal posting with no relation whatsoever to my programming courses) Odessa travel report I was recently invited to visit friends in the beautiful city of Odessa (Ukraine) at the black sea. This is my travel report * photos: It was my first visit in Ukraine, and my first visit in Odessa. I did not know what to expect, but i was overall very pleasantly surprised. I had local friends showing me around, so my complete lack of Russia…
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Tux diary (part one) Recently, i visted the Linux day in Graz, played a videogame there (at the table of company Anexia), and I was the best player of the day. As an reward i have won a giant stuffed Penguin (referred as Tux, the popular mascot of Gnu/Linux). As it quickly turned out that his social life and popularity is far more exciting than my own, I start to document his adventures here. Hopefully, as an side-effect i can gain some new customers for my
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