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Tux diary

(part one)

Recently, i visted the Linux day in Graz, played a videogame there (at the table of company Anexia), and I was the best player of the day. As an reward i have won a giant stuffed Penguin (referred as Tux, the popular mascot of Gnu/Linux).

As it quickly turned out that his social life and popularity is far more exciting than my own, I start to document his adventures here. Hopefully, as an side-effect i can gain some new customers for my programming courses for children (www.spielend-programmieren.at).

birth (unboxing)

Tux arrived in my kitchen just a day after the Linuxtag Graz. He was delivered by delivery service when i was not even there, but thankfully my flatmate Martin opened the door and helped me to document the unboxing:

I did noticed that this Tux is big. Really big. Finding a place for him was not so eays.

first day at work

After an change of T-Shirt (due to his big head and prominent beak, forcing a giant penguin into a tiny, human-size XXL- T-Shirt is geometrically challenging) Tux was now ready to help me at work: I had an table at Maker Faire Vienna and i hoped he would attract some customers for me. I already had to carry 2 laptops and some other equipment, but thankfully my programming-course student Simon (12 y.o) offered to help me with transport:

Maker Faire Vienna

Arrived at the Maker Faire Vienna, Tux helped me reasonable well, especially when considering the fact that he demands neither money nor food. He seemed very content to attract customers, guard my laptops and even handing out business-cards and folders while listening patiently to attention-hungry maker faire visitors. After sleeping Saturday night in the porter's office (i was afraid that he would get stolen or misused at night) i was confident enough in his people skills: at Sunday i let him handle my exhibitor table all by himself for a while:

Also, Tux made friends quickly with Urvashi, who come helping me at Sunday afternoon.

public transport

On the way home from Maker Faire Vienna, Tux become instantly popular among families in the bus, and was only for a few seconds sitting all by himself. To my great envy, it turned out that Tux got more attention from girls in a single metro ride than i got in my lifetime:

party time

After a long weekend (2 days at Maker Faire Vienna, and also holding a speech at PyDays Vienna) i decided to go for a beer at Vienna's Donaukanal party zone. Urvashi took Tux with her and we started to have some fun. Result: Let's just say that Tux makes friends very, very fast:

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