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34c3 Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig article in progress I survived the 34c3 Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany! * talks description (Fahrplan): * talks online: * my Videos: blog 2017 ccc 34c3 chaoscomputerclub chaoscommunicationcongress congress event report leipzig hacker conference germany [<>]
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Rogelike Con 2017 in Novi Sad Summary My report of the Roguelike conference 2017 in Novi Sad where i gave my a speech “teaching python to children using roguelikes indiestellarofficial@gmail.com Since many many years i play enthusiastic, lonely and happy-
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PyCon Bratislava 2017 Summary My report of the PyCon.SK Python conference 2017 in Bratislava where i gave my “teaching python to (your) children” talk. Thanks to the local Python User Group Vienna, i was made aware of the PyCon.SK conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, very close to Vienna. I submittet a talk with the topic
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