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Rogelike Con 2017 in Novi Sad

Summary My report of the Roguelike conference 2017 in Novi Sad where i gave my a speech “teaching python to children using roguelikes


Since many many years i play enthusiastic, lonely and happy- Roguelike-games - especially Dungeon Crawl and mostly I avoid Multiplayer, because, you know, what's the point of being a Nerd when you have social skills? Recently, I discovered that there is an global interest group for peoples like me: Roguelike-Cons! A conference dedicated to the topic of roguelike games! Where you finally meet like-minded nerds, can avoid annoying smalltalk and discuss on an international level the really meaningful questions of life, like the finer points of playing Brogue in Ascii (Text-based) Graphic with OPEN-GL (3D-graphic) support.

article in progress


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