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1231_33c3 , , , ,
33c3 Chaos Communication Congress Hamburg Summary: My report of the 33c3 Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg There are many conferences, but only one “Congress” in a Nerd’s life: The Chaos Communication Congress, organized each year between Christmas and new year by the Germany’s famous
1213_roboexotica2016 , , , , , , , , , ,
Roboexotica 2016 Summary: Full report of the Roboexotica 2016 in Vienna The “most beautiful intoxication of Vienna”, and certainly the most nerdy one, is the yearly Roboexotica festival for Cocktail-robotic, co-organised each year in Vienna by artist group monochrom. I love to go there since many years, to see crazy cocktail-making machines, there charming creators and their enchanted guests. This is my report for 2016.
1207_couchsurfingscammer , , , , ,
Nigeria money scam on couchsurfing Summary: I was approached by an nigeria money scammer at the couchsurfing platform. To put the scammers criminal effort into good use, I domcumented the whole case to serve as learning material for my students. This posting is more about general internet fraud and has less to do with coding.
1201_happylab , , , , , , , ,
PolaPi - RaspberryPi instant camera Summary: PolaPi, a RaspberryPi instant camera and other Maker projects in Vienna's Happylab Yesterday, i visited Vienna's famous Fablab, the Happylab to celebrate it's 6th year of existence. Several makers were proudly showcasing their
1008_scannerapp , , , , , ,
Tutorial: silly scanner app with Pocket Code Summary: Step-by-step tutorial of how to create an silly Scanner app using Pocket Code By request of most awesome Serbian CodeWeekEU activist and teacher Csaba Vörös i wrote a full tutorial of an Pocket-Code “scanner” app that originally started as a joke for my
1004_openstreetmapworkshop , , , , , ,
OpenStreetMap workshop in elementary school Summary: experiences of teaching an 2-hour OpenStreetmap workshop to 10 year old kids in an elementary school OpenStreetMap contributors prelude I had the unique opportunity to hold my (and possible Austria's) first OpenStreetmap Workshop in an elementary school for a class of 10-year old students. True to Austria's best business practice, the workshop was arranged not by official request but instead by a chance chat - I discovered that the mother of…
0818_planethunter , , ,
teaching to code a PocketCode game in 4 hours Summary: a fully playable PocketCode app was created by an student of my courses in exactly 4 hours During a programming course at spielend-programmieren a student of mine, Benjamin Kaut coded his first ever android app uing
0630_pocketcodeworkshop , , , , , , , , ,
Pocket Code teaching experience Summary: experiences of teaching with PocketCode in a public school in Vienna My report after holding an 4-hour coding workshop using the free/libre and open source (FLOSS) Android apps PocketCode and Pocket Paint for smartphones in a public school in Vienna, followed by 3 days of 3-hour-courses using PocketCode in my own summer school.
draft: talk: teaching (with) open source this article is a draft and not finished Summary: An expanded version of my talk “teaching (with) free/libre open source software” This talk of mine was first given at the international education fair Moscow 2016 in a short, 25 minutes version. This is the expanded version of the same talk, made into a longer article.
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