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Maker Faire Rome 2015 Summary: report of my trip to Maker Faire Rome 2015 The original article appeared first here: international open magazine: report of maker faire rome 2015 My trip to Maker Faire Rome 2015 started in Vienna, Austria on Thursday, 15. October 2015. Together with traveling author Derek Breen we took the night train from Vienna to Rome, Italy, where we arrived Friday morning. Good to know: If you book in advance, night trains (
1009_links , ,
Links i like * A World without Linux * Wil Wheaton discovers Python, by reading books from Al Sweigart blog english article [<>]
1004_links , ,
Links i like Summary: Interesting links that i liked this week: Good news from Africa, a new Rap News episode, video game backpack, free django course, coding robot and coding courses for children, open textbook and healthy computer games Juice Rap News
0925_links , ,
Links i like Summary: Interesting links that i liked this week: Open tree of life, visual programming with coffe script and Pencil Code, another year of the Linux desktop, Free Kung Fu Films, free python book, coding for primary school kids in Australia, Linux games on steam, urban data visualization, cool debian infographic, DMCA made Volkswagen cheating possible, and a very detailed map of the roman empire
0918_links , ,
Links i like Summary: Interesting links that i liked this week, in english and in german language Interesting websites i found this week, hopefully new every friday: classical video games Games: Long article about Good old games and the “saving and restoring of classical video games
0911_links , , , , , , , , , ,
Links i like Summary: Interesting links that i liked this week: flipping the classroom, Soviet arcarde machines, Happy Birthday to Gnu Linux, cost of a computer game by Ron Gilbert, comparing Elon Musk to the Wright brothers I will try to post links i found interesting more regulary in my blog instead of posting them in social networks only.
0907_zamspielen , , , , , , ,
the games of zam spielen Summary: impressions of the “zam spielen” social computer game event in Vienna Zam spielen social event Social Computer Games that are free (as beer) to play combined with free beer and meeting friends? That's the “zam spielen” (Viennese dialect for
0823_scratch2015ams , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
report: Scratch Conference Amsterdam 2015 Summary: the visual programming languages like scratch are going mainstream scratch2015ams.org Because i helped Andrea Mayr with her turtlestitch project she managed to get me into the Scratch conference in Amsterdam. Scratch is an easy-to-learn visual programming language, especially popular among educators. The conference took place in various locations in Amsterdam, Holland between 12th and the 15th august 2015. I arrived two days earlier to attend t…
0723_europython2015 , , ,
Title: Europython 2015 - first videos are online Date: 2015-07-23 07:30 Tags: code, learning, python Googleadsense: True Slug: 20150723_europython2015 Summary: The first life session videos of the Europython conference 2015 are online Europython 2015
0702_codewarscodecombat , , , , , ,
learn to code with codewars.com and codecombat.com Summary:A quick look into two interesting, open-source aware websites to learn and train coding skills: codecombat.com and codewars.com learn to code I recently stumbled upon two different websites offering the possibility to learn and train coding skills:
0602_pythonlinks , , ,
python links by Alan Richmond at Zeef.com Summary: Alan Richmond made a nice Zeef.com site full of links to python recourses. I wonder about Zeef.com, a social link-list site. Alan Richmond's Zeef.com site about python Until five minutes ago, i had no idea what
0512_opensourcecamera , , , ,
report: axiom open source film camera Summary: impressions of the open source/open hardware camera project AXIOM and axiom teams' insights given in a talk about crowdfunding Axiom, an open source / open hardware film camera During the Linuxwochen Wien event last weekend i had the opportunity to meet some of the guys of the
0417_gide2015 , , , , , , , , ,
report: global internet of things day event 2015 in vienna Summary: first internet of things day event in Vienna was a smashing success with over 500 people attending and many talks and open source projects. Global internet of things event Vienna 2015
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