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Title: Links i like Date: 2015-09-25 19:00 Modified: 2015-09-25 19:00 Tags: links i like Googleadsense: True Slug: 20150925_links Summary: Interesting links that i liked this week: Open tree of life, visual programming with coffe script and Pencil Code, another year of the Linux desktop, Free Kung Fu Films, free python book, coding for primary school kids in Australia, Linux games on steam, urban data visualization, cool debian infographic, DMCA made Volkswagen cheating possible, and a very detailed map of the roman empire

Links i like:

Shortlink: http://goo.gl/pjzfqZ

I post the interesting links i collected during the week every friday.

Please note: All image rights in this blog posting belong to the linked site!



Open Tree of Life

Opentreeoflife.org is a science project: OpenTreeOfLife.org collect data of all lifeforms into one giant, browseable tree structure. opentree

Debian infographic

I like infographics! This one shows the historic flow of debian distros from experimental to testing into stable, and also displays time and location of Debian conferences:

preview debian infographic

Imperium Romanum

I found out about this very cool, very detailed map of the roman empire, via Reddit:

roman map

Pencil code

Pencilcode.net seems to be another online visual programming language for teachers and students. It's Open Source, at last according to this free-to-download Pencilcode Book. The PencilCode website currently supports Coffescript but may be enable other languages in the future. What i like is that users can either code Visual Scratch or by typing commands like in a traditional programming language.

pencilcode book
Image rights: Book.pencilcode.net

Australia Coding Curriculum

First Estonia, than U.K., now Australia: More and more countries begin to see coding skills as an important skill for every student: Australia Coding Curriculum

Urban data

Geoff Boeing and Paul Waddell are teaching the course Urban Informatics and Visualization at UC Berkeley and are putting all their teaching material in a Github Repository

Python data

A python book becomes free (as in beer) to download: python data for developers

Kung Fu films

Valve Linux Games

Volkswagen and close source:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation shows how legalized obscurity (DMCA) makes fraud possible: Researchers Could Have Uncovered Volkswagen’s Emissions Cheat If Not Hindered by the DMCA

eff logo

Linux Desktop

Is 2017 finally the year of the Linux desktop? Paul Brown from ocsmag says yes:

In a recent post Steve Burge reflects on how Free Software has managed to spread into tech companies in a big way, but then, those same tech companies have built walled gardens, cutting their clients off from all that freedom goodness.
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