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Links i like

Summary: Interesting links that i liked this week: flipping the classroom, Soviet arcarde machines, Happy Birthday to Gnu Linux, cost of a computer game by Ron Gilbert, comparing Elon Musk to the Wright brothers

I will try to post links i found interesting more regulary in my blog instead of posting them in social networks only.

Soviet arcade machines

A good written long article about the not well known arcade games of the soviet union, with many photographs:

Happy birthday, Gnu Linux

English Actor Stephen Fry does a wonderful job of congratulation Gnu/Linux to it's 25th birthday. He explains in a casual, non-boring way what the Free Software movement is all about and why he is happy to celebrate it.

Right-click to start this video. You can download, share and view this video at www.gnu.org/fry

Free/libre Alternatives to Minecraft

Jason Baker wrote an comprehensive article about free software alternatives to the popular computer game Minecraft. Read the article on opensource.com:

Detailed cost of a computer game, by Ron Gilbert

Game develop veteran Ron Gilbert (famous for Monkey Island) wrote an interesting article about cost (calculating) for a modern computer game, complete with detailed Excel spreadheets:

Comparing Elon Musk to the Wright brothers

What commonalities exist between entrerpreneur Elon Musk (founder of PayPal, Tesla..) and the Wright brothers (inventors of powered flight) ? More than a few, as John Lanchester points out in his article “Let's all go to Mars” where he reviews two books (see below) and draws interesting parallels. His article is very well written and a pleasure to read. He reviews those books:

Image rights: Amazon.de partner program

Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom where the shool becomes fun and the boring part of learning happens somewhere in the cloud or in Khan Academy.

It was THE new hot thing back in 2011! More on flipped classrooms in one of my next articles about Knoppixtage Weiz. Meanwhile, i found this nice, well-aged posting from 2012 Flipping The Classroom: A Goldmine of Research and Resources To Keep You On Your Feet. Of course now in 2015 every self-respecting education-tech company has flipped classroom as a buzzword on their homepage. Knewton.com make more than just buzzwords: a nice, endless long infographic. With embed code! I like good made infographics a lot:



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