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Title: Europython 2015 - first videos are online Date: 2015-07-23 07:30 Tags: code, learning, python Googleadsense: True Slug: 20150723_europython2015
Summary: The first life session videos of the Europython conference 2015 are online

Europython 2015

Europython 2015 logo. Copyright: Europython

While i'm not present at this years Europython conference in Bilbao i'm very pleased to report that the first life session videos are already online. The Europython conference officially ends this friday, at the 24th july 2015. The videos, together with the Europython 2015 schedule of talks will garantee that i have hours to spend watching pythonic talks on youtube over the next days.

Special thanks to Fernando Masanori for sharing the link.

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