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1126_freereading , , ,
free reading: Linux Voice and Gimp magazine Summary: free, creative-commons cc-by-sa licensed reading: Linux Voice and Gimp magazine Gimp magazine There is a lot of (cost)-free stuff out in the net but good content with a creative commons share-alike license is harder to find. One example of such a product is the
1027_importpython , , ,
import python: book collection site and newsletter Summary: beautiful made site about python books import python importpython.com seems to be -for now- a website offering an email newsletter (including sponsored ads) about python topics as well as a homepage collecting links to python books.
1024_fsfe_vienna_and_gamecity , , , , , , , ,
reblogged: Free software foundation Vienna and Gamecity Summary report of Free Sotware Foundation Vienna actions FSFE (Free software foundation Europe) Vienna group I had neither time nor energy to tranlate my report of Gamecity 2014 form german into english language but FSFE Activist
1022_pairprogramming , , , , , ,
pair programming explained by school girls Summary: cute youtube video from code.org of two shool girls explaining the concept of pair programming while coding scratch pair programming explained by shool girls Thanks to [@jenncolvin](https://twitter.com/jenncolvin) for tweeting about
0907_python3pygame_en , , , , ,
python3 pygame tutorial Summary: video tutorial series about pygame and python3 While my ever-sleeping ThePythonGamebook project makes currently no progress this guy does something: * Python3 pygame tutorial series From experience i can tell that a good tutorial consist of a lot of little things done right, and i'm full of admiration because
0906_knowtocode , , ,
Why founders should know how to code Summary: interesting blog posting from Steve Blank why startup founders should invest time into learning to code in addition to acquire business skills As a vendor of programming courses i fully support the insight of this blog posting from Steve Blank:
0905_ars_electronica_en , , , , , , , ,
Kid wins programming contest using free Software and Raspberry Pi Summary: Very good news: one of my students has won at the U19 programming contest of the Ars Electronica Festival using free/libre open source software and a Raspberry Pi winning with free software
0708_program_arcarde_games , , , , ,
programarcardegames.com i'm very impressed with those python3 (!) / pygame tutorials: * from It is a commercial book project based on his Computer Science courses with free visible online version (already translated in some other languages).
0615_games-that-teach-coding , , ,
games that teach kids to code Original link does not work anymore: * 12 games that teach kids to code Possibly the same story: * blog english article teaching [<>]
0612_how-to-get-girls-into-coding , , ,
How to get girls into coding Interesting article in the New York times about the big unsolved question in this industry: * blog english article gender [<>]
0427_new-look-with-sphinx , , , ,
new look with Sphinx Finally i found some time to tinker around with Sphinx, an python documentation generator. I first played around with Sphinx last summer but since then never found time for it - until now. Sphinx offer many functions useful for interlinking to the official
0329_useful-posting , , ,
useful posting found this extreme useful posting via the python weekly newsletter: * It's “just” a list of 10 beginner-friendly python learning resources. My favorite, Swaroop's "A byte of python" is listest as well as several others that i need to check out. Right now. So far i looked into half of them and i am very pleased with the quality.
0220_about-teaching , , ,
about teaching I like this answer to a quora posting so much that i have to re-publish: Original posting and anwer from Over the past decade I've taught incarcerated men, UC Berkeley undergrads, and middle-class suburban tots and teens. Here's a sampling of lessons I've learned
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