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Title: Why founders should know how to code Date: 2014-09-06 11:11 Tags: education Slug: 20140906_knowtocode.md Googleadsense: True Summary: interesting blog posting from Steve Blank why startup founders should invest time into learning to code in addition to acquire business skills

As a vendor of programming courses i fully support the insight of this blog posting from Steve Blank:

Mister Blank describe the one of his students founding a startup company who, afer having invested lot of time into market research and creating a business plan finds out he has trouble to actually implement (code) the app his business is about to sell, because the out-sourcing of the necessary work or the attracting of a coder does not work out as planned.

The key insight is that for a founder, having coding skills is necessary not so much for coding a whole app single-handed, but to gain insight into the scope of a coding project and easy communication with and hiring of coders.

No coding skills ... no cash! no coder no cash cartoon graphic

See also: Interview with C3Inspire on Opensource.com

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