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new look with Sphinx

Finally i found some time to tinker around with Sphinx, an python documentation generator. I first played around with Sphinx last summer but since then never found time for it - until now.

Sphinx offer many functions useful for interlinking to the official Python documentation. And it offers output in html, epub and pdf format. Most important, the html output looks very much like the official Pyhton documentation website.

What i did not managed (yet) was to put the Sphinx html output directly on Github pages. Instead i link from the Github pages start site to a test folder on my own server where i uploaded the Sphinx html output via ftp.

I have not yet fully explored all the possibilities of Sphinx like making a global glossary and directly interlinking with the official python documentation website.

You can take a first look here:

or enjoy a flow chart i made using Dia and OpenClipart.org:


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