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1213_hour-of-code , , ,
hour of code blog english coding hour_of_code [<>]
1202_python3-text-game , ,
python3 text game A little dungeon crawler game written in python3 with no graphics so far, everything is in naked text mode. Oddly enough, i still enjoy playtesting it, even if i normally avoid games in text mode. The idea is to use this game to test out various GUI's and graphic modules.
1016_donation , , ,
donation got my first donation via PayPal for ThePythonGamebook. This day begins incredible good :-) blog english thepythongamebook donation [<>]
1015_linux-gaming-hardware , , , , ,
Linux Gaming Hardware This post is not about python but about another topic i'm always interested in: gaming on Linux. [Image Source: [[https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/7a/Desktop-PC.svg/500px-Desktop-PC.svg.png|Wikimedia]]]] Josh Klint, author of Linux Game-Enginge Leadwerk, wrote a nice blog posting about his tips on building a cost-efficent linux gaming PC from parts: *
0816_youtube-channel , , ,
Youtube Channel Since i was able to connect a google+ site with a youtube channel i can prouldy present the (google+ site linked) new Youtube Channel for ThePythonGameBook: * blog english thepythongamebook youtube [<>]
0811_goblins , ,
goblins! My slowgoblins tutorial (part of ThePythonGameBook) makes -slowly-progress, at least at Github: * JENS/ThePythonGameBook/tree/master/python/goblins It is now possible to manage teams of goblins, and let the goblins fight against each other. Next step: introducing classes like healers, wizards and fighters. And, writing tutorial pages (with
0714_sphinx , , ,
Sphinx Currently i am not only researching about Github pages but also about Sphinx a docutils tool to create  python documentation pages. The resulting output can be rendered in several formats ( html, pdf, man-page..) and the writing of the documentation is done by editing
0713_github-pages , , ,
github pages i think about moving ThePythonGameBook from Dokuwiki toward Githup Pages. So far i have only created some test sites listing pros and cons. Not sure this is a good idea at all, but i am fascinated. blog english thepythongamebook github [<>]
0707_finally-i-write-again , ,
Goblins tutorial Short status update: I was last week on Europython2013 in Florence Italy and got a book about migrating from python2 to python3. Also i heard a lot of python related talks. Summary: python3 is really there, Kivy, Blender, Ubuntu, a lot of big projects support python3 now or very soon as default python.
0502_money-with-gamejams , , ,
money with gamejams (not python related) I have seen this guy participating in a game jam in Vienna's Metalab. He is good. His Forum posting is very interesting: He will auction off his next -not yet written- game jam entry (on GiGJam). If this idea works, game jams can suddenly turn from amusing to profitable for the participants.
0422_free-python-books , , ,
free python books free python books A very nice website about free python books: pythonbooks.revolunet.com Some  books are only free to look at / to download, but some books are properly creative commons licensed. ThePythonGameBook.com itself is not (yet) listed there, but i like the concept of the website very much: the website is made out of a
0411_nice-quora-python-thread , , ,
nice quora python thread Quora.com, the question and answer platform with the same technology that powers stackoverflow.com, has a nice thread about python: What-are-the-Python-features-you-wish-youd-known-earlier I use python since many years and i still learn new tricks every day. I highly recommend this thread to every python user.
0305_python-online-tutor , , , ,
python online tutor See python code executed step by step in your web browser... this is awesome: * [Pythontutor.com] blog english python coding pythontutor [<>]
0211_ninja-ide , , , , ,
Ninja IDE Since yesterday i play around with a new python editor (IDE): * So far this gpl3-licensed, Qt-powered, free IDE specifically written for python has made a very good impresson on me: * There is code completion and tooltips * There is an overview window to find classes and methods
0122_think-python , , , ,
Think Python * date 2013-01-22 07:18 * author Horst JENS * tags review, code, learning * slug 20130122_think-python Good news, everyone: there is a nice, creative-commons licensed ( cc-by-nc ) book about python, even with a python3 version: Think Python: . From the author of “
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