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Goblins tutorial

Short status update: I was last week on Europython2013 in Florence Italy and got a book about migrating from python2 to python3. Also i heard a lot of python related talks. Summary: python3 is really there, Kivy, Blender, Ubuntu, a lot of big projects support python3 now or very soon as default python.

Thanks to the book i found time and energy to do something on my ThePythonGameBook… and decided to re-do the goblins tutorial with python3.

I make heavy use of the awesome pythontutor.com website in my tutorial. Pythontutor allows to run, edit and trace every python example direct in the webbrowser. Zero python installation necessary. Awesome.

Only problem that i found so far: python-onlinetutor refuses to make more than 300 loops… bad for my statistic examples.

A friend talked to my about Sphinix… documentation creator, easy pdf and laTex support.. i'm still stuck with Dokuwiki but it does not really integrate with Github in the way that i want.

Hopefully more posts and news in the coming days.


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