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1127_installing-pygame-on-python3-x , , , , , ,
installing pygame on python3.x nice useful blogposting (using Linux): update 2017-10-26 Several answers can be found here: i like best: * sudo apt install python3 geany idle3 python3-easygui python3-pip * sudo pip3 install pygame blog english python pygame linux ubuntu installation [<>]
0907_pycrawl-on-hold , ,
pycrawl on hold The pycrawl project (part of ThePythonGameBook project) is on hold for now, as i will not find much time for it for the rest of this month. Things may hopefully change next month. The reason i have no time is rather pleasant: i was hired to help coding a commercial game
itemdemo The pycrawl_itemdemo.py ( part of my ThePythonGameBook project ) is finally working. I re-wrote my complete class structure and i will have to apply those changes to the previous walkdemo and monsterdemo some time in the future. In the itemdemo, it is now possible to walk around, pick up (stacks of) items and drop single items. Monsters are present, but staying around idle.
0820_pycrawl_itemdemo_not_yet , ,
pycrawl_itemdemo not done yet just a short update: I work on pycrawl_itemdemo but it is not done yet. While the demo is working in parts ( you can correctly inspect stashes of many items, you can pick up items etc. ) i keep rewriting it over and over because i have not yet found a good architecture for all my classes. Partly, because i'm never sure what kind of features i actually want to have in the itemdemo. Hopefully, you will see a working itemdemo soon.
0814_pycrawl_monsterdemo , ,
pycrawl_monsterdemo On my work for an python rogue-like game pycrawl ( part of my ThePythonGameBook project ) i managed to create another workable demo: see it on githup: pycrawl-monsterdemo.py The monsterdemo, while improving the code for the level class, focus on animating Monsters (M). The monsters have a little state machine (moods) and loose energy when moving around too much. If the energy level of each individual monster is too low, it goes to sleep (Z) for a while, until it runs aroun…
0813_pycrawl_walkdemo , , , ,
pycrawl_walkdemo progress at the pycrawl project (pycrawl is part of my ThePythonGameBook project): the little ( ugly ) pycrawl_walkdemo.py works fine now. The player ( an @ ) can be moved around and he does not walk through walls anymore. It's also possible to see a detailed description of the tile where the player stands and a list of possible actions. ( You can only
0812_pycrawl , , , , , , ,
pycrawl I finally found some time to code on my ThePythonGameBook project. Due to my obsession with the game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, i decided to make my own dungeon crawler: pycrawl (on github) The idea is to have an well documented roguelike dungeon crawl / exploration game written in pure python. Python3, i made the jump from python 2.x to python 3.x.
0702_the-sound-of-bitcoins , , ,
The sound of bitcoins I heard a terrible sound from my mobile phone last night and initially feared that my mobile phone may be broken. Instead it's my favorite sound effect now: The sound of bitcoins arriving in my wallet Thanks to a most honorable sponsor, i am now proud owner of no longer one single bitcoin, but instead of 5 (five) bitcoins ! I feel encriched.
0617_beard , , ,
beard Here it is, the final answer why some programming languages become popular: It's the beard ! * Note: Guido van Rossum, inventer of python, has of course a beard: Wikipdedia blog english beard python [<>]
0420_ludum-dare-game-jam-keynote , , , ,
ludum dare game jam keynote Ludum dare game jam is starting this weekend. Check out the keynote (a nice flash video) here: blog english event ludum_dare gamejam [<>]
0328_most-liked-programming-language , , ,
most liked programming language according to this graph, python is the most liked programming language of hackers: I found this graph in the python subreddit where it sparked a lot of comments. blog english coding programming_languages [<>]
0306_teaching-game-programming , , , , ,
teaching game programming Al Sweigart, author of “Invent Your own computer games with Python”, wrote a nice blog entry about the difficulty of teaching programming (to kids): * blog english book al_sweigart teaching python [<>]
0302_khan-academy , , , , , ,
Khan Academy Wow, i found out that the famous Khan Academy website has a (hopefully growing) section of python video tutorials: * So far i found no “practice” tests to train python (and earn badges) like in Udacity but i'm very impressed that Khan Academy choose python as an topic to teach.
0116_gorillas , , ,
Gorillas I Found a nice website ( ) with a very nice review of a old dos game written in Qbasic: Gorillas You can read the original blogpost here: Fair Use * The author of the blog posting writes nicely how a (even primitve) computer game can capture the imagination and curiosity of a young boy and how he started modifying the game (the gravity), a first step into learning how to program.
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