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1214_supergamedevweekend-finale , , , , , , ,
SuperGameDevWeekend Finale Sadly my plans of creating a nice little game during the SuperGameDev Weekend in Vienna's Metalab were disturbed by too much real life. I managed however to channel some energy into ThePythonGameBook project, more on that in one of the next blog postings. On sunday, 11. December 2011 i was in Metalab again to see the final projects. There was good mood everywhere, because Vienna's Python User group celebrated their second anniversary with a party and a tv team from …
1210_occupy , , , ,
occupy Game Jam! “Occupy” is the given theme for the super game dev weekend Game Jam in Vienna'sMetalab. The task is to create a game until sunday evening. It does not have to be a computer game, but it should include somehow the word “occupy”. There is even a symbolic prize to win, and participants can take their work to the coming
1130_idle-vs-geany , , , , ,
IDLE vs. geany This is a very good blog-posting and i fully agree with it: Idle is really only useful to teach the first steps of python. As soon as leaving the interactive mode, i force students to use a different editor than idle, mostly geany. [image1] Geany is not trouble-free. Here is some things that are not good with geany, but still better than using Idle:
1004_life-of-artifical-intelligence , , , ,
life of Artifical Intelligence A TED Talk of Christoph Adami: “Finding life we can't imagine” about signs of life forms inside artificial intelligence. Watch it here: or here directly: blog english ted christoph_adami ai [<>]
0918_pygame-on-sugar , , , , , ,
pygame on sugar ThePythonGameBook on sugar (One laptop per child project, XO, OLPC) I was last weekend in Paris at the Sugarlab conference, organised by the nice folks of OLPC France. Sugar is a kind of linux user interface designed specifically for the XO (100$-Laptop, One-Laptop-per-Child OLPC). Sugar works also without an original XO: You can download
0907_learning-javascript , , , , ,
learning javascript Following a blog posting, i discovered * and clicked my way throug 8 small JavaScript lessons. CodeAcademy seems to be a very well made online-learning site: you can solve all programming tasks online in a webform (google app-engine?), you get constant feedback for each solved mini-task and there are awards and medals go keep you motivated.
0724_quote-from-guido , ,
quote from Guido Wikipediacc-by-sa Found a good quote in the Google+ Stream of Guido van Rossum (creator of Pythopn): """Dear Guido, How can I make myself a better programmer, and work with you one day? --Hoping in Brazil """ Dear Hoping, A good way to improve your programming skills is to participate in an open source project. Even if you don't contribute patches, using some open source project (anything in Linux, for example!) and understanding how it works by reading some part of the so…
0720_donate-bitcoins , ,
donate Bitcoins It is now possible to donate Bitcoins to ThePythonGameBook project: * You can enter the desired amount and currency and click on the “donate” button. Thanks to MyBitcoin.com you will recive an automatic generated Bitcoin-Adress for the transaction.
0716_news-from-the-hello-world-authors , , ,
news from the "hello world" authors blog english hello_world book [<>]
0602_walled-gardens-vs-makers , ,
Walled Gardens vs. Makers This posting is so good that i re-publish it here without any comment: blog english walled_garden [<>]
0514_pygame-tutorial , , ,
pygame tutorial * date 2011-05-14 15:19 * author Horst JENS * tags code, ThePythonGameBook * googleadsense True * slug 20110514_pygame-tutorial source code on github I moved all relevant source code examples in ThePythonGameBook (from part2, pygame,step 000 until step 022) from dokuwiki to
0510_flattr-44-cent-for-april , , ,
Flattr: 44 cent for April I earned 44 cent with flattr in April for ThePythongameBook (and blog), a big thank you to both (!) of my flatter donators. The april earnings are impressive 157% of the march earnings (28 cent), while my Flattr spending stayed fixed at 2€ per month.
0508_free-book-from-richard-stallman , , , , ,
free book from Richard Stallman Richard Stallman books Free books (pdf download) from Richard Stallman about free Software: * (free on Wikisource): * (fsf shop): blog english stallman fsf book review [<>]
0429_ludum-dare-20-write-a-game-in-48-hours , , ,
Ludum dare 20: write a game in 48 hours Ludum dare 20 is int the final voting process for the theme now, the challenge begins tomorrow. If you think you can write a game in 48 hours, participate ! Website: http://www.ludumdare.com blog english event ludumdare [<>]
0423_github , , ,
github I'm very impressed with the design of Github.com and will try to use it for my ThePythonGameBook project. At the moment i uploaded the source code and data files for the pygame examples at github: * JENS/ThePythonGameBook Github provides a download button letting users download automatic generated .tar.gz / .zip archives. Until now, i was too lazy to generate new archive files whenever i updated a single file.
0417_making-money-with-flattr , , ,
making money with Flattr. Yes, i make money with ThePythonGameBook. 0,28 € in march 2011 alone, to be exact. That is an incrase of a googolplex percent above febrary 2011, where i made impressive 0,00 €. I made this money with the help of the Flattr button. As you can see in the flattr revenue screenshot, flattr takes 10% of my 31 cent, leaving me 28 cent.
0402_new-facebook-page-url , ,
new Facebook page url The Facebook page of ThePythonGameBook has now a shorter, easy-to-remember URL: * blog english thepythongamebook [<>]
0225_new-look-with-roundbox-template , ,
New look: roundbox template ThePythonGameBook has a new look, thanks to the roundbox template of dokuwiki. The Facebook like box (19 Fans !) is now at the lower end of the sidebar, to make space for the more important navigation tree and the edit commands on top of the sidebar. The new look of the sidebar (shrinked):
0124_facebook-like-box-and-bigger-logo , ,
facebook like box and bigger logo The Facebook-Likebox, leading to the Facebook-Fanpage of ThePythonGameBook is finally working. I had to use Dokuwikis facebook-plugin instead of the html-code generated by facebook to make it work inside Dokuwiki. "
0120_boys-schools-and-gaming , , , , , ,
boys, schools and gaming interesting TED video about the topic boys, schools and gaming by Ali Carr-Chellman: The speaker notes that “we must design better games” (for learning) and “educational games have less budget than World of Warcraft”
0118_new-facebook-fan-page , ,
New Facebook Fan page Good news, everyone: ThePythonGameBook has now it's own Facebook -Fanpage (also linked from this blog): I hope that the Facebook Fanpage url will change into as soon as i reach 100 Fans. So far, 10 hours after writing a message to >150 friends, i have reached 5 fans only. The Facebook Fanpage of ThePythonGameBook is independent from the
0108_rotating-toward-a-moving-target , ,
rotating toward a (moving) target Good news, everyone: Another new page in ThePythonGameBook wiki ! This time, the tankdemo is slightly altered to demonstrate how to rotate toward a target. Please notice that the video as well as the graphic display a older version of the sourcecode (in the video, the display for turret angle and tank angle is swapped). To get the latest, most bug-free version you need python and pygame installed on your …
0106_shooting-bullets-from-the-end-of-a-cannon-barrel , ,
Shooting bullets from the end of a cannon barrel Finally i found time and energy to write a new wiki page for ThePythonGameBook: : “How to shooting bullets from the end of a cannon barrel” Special thanks to Jonathan Persson for writing me an email about this problem. His email motivated me to wake up from winter sleep. Still a lot of existing wiki pages need improvement.
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