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How to fail building a MMOG * date 2010-11-21 10:55 * author Horst JENS * tags report, event * googleadsense True * slug 20101121_how-to-fail-building-a-mmog On 19. Nov 2010 i heard a very interesting lecture: How to fail building a Massively multiplayer online game
New logo for ThePythonGameBook and blog * date 2010-07-28 11:12 * author Horst JENS * tags ThePythonGameBook * slug 20100728_new-logo-for-thepythongamebook-and-blog Thanks to artist Yun Xiang from www.idesire.at i have a new logo for ThePythonGameBook as well as for the blog. See here a history of my logo's:
teaching with ThePythonGameBook in Austrian schools. * date 2010-07-27 19:35 * author Horst JENS * tags teaching, code, ThePythonGameBook, report * googleadsense True * slug 20100727_teaching-with-thepythongamebook-in-austrian-schools In June 2010 i hold Python/Pygame workshops in three different schools in Austria. All schools were using some kind of Linux for their computer labs.
new example game: shooting with rockets and bullets * date 2010-06-04 01:52 * author Horst JENS * tags code, ThePythonGameBook * googleadsense True * slug 20100604_new-example-game-shooting-with-rockets-and-bullets A new example game for
20 people, 16 hours, 10 games * date 2010-05-31 22:14 * author Horst JENS * tags ThePythonGameBook * googleadsense True * slug 20100531_20-people-16-hours-10-games This weekend i made a schooling about game programming for 20 people of Bupp, Austria's state-run Game rating agency.
new server * date 2010-05-20 13:57 * author Horst JENS * tags ThePythonGameBook * slug 20100520_new-server The python Game Book moved to a new server and got a new, official URL: \ The new server allows me to run all the Dokuwiki and all it's plugins without problems. One of those new plugins, already integrated into Dokuwiki is the bookcreator plugin: It allows you to select several wiki pages and download them together as an pdf file. Pages can be even…
Publich lecture about The Python Game Book at Vienna’s Linux convention. * date 2010-05-09 11:34 * author Horst JENS * tags event, ThePythonGameBook * slug 20100509_publich-lecture * googleadsense True Yesterday morning i hold a public lecture about The Python Game Book at the annual Linux meeting in Vienna, called
new pages * date 2010-04-13 07:19 * author Horst JENS * tags ThePythonGameBook, code * slug 20100413_new-pages Found time to work on new sites (wiki pages) of my Python Game Book. Have lot's of ideas for re-working already existing pages and improving nearly all code examples.
pygame running Tuxfighter on my Nokia N900 * date 2010-03-21 12:26 * author Horst JENS * tags code, game * slug 20100321_pygame-running-tuxfighter-on-my-nokia-n900 Since a month i am the proud owner of a real Linux mobile phone (Nokia N900) but i still have to learn about it.
Review: computer science for Kids by André Lessa * date 2010-03-21 18:11 * author Horst JENS * tags Review * slug 20100321_computer-science-for-kids-by-andre-lessa I was so impressed by this free book from André Lessa that i did a promo video for him:
Austria Game Jam 2010 * date 2010-02-01 14:57 * author Horst JENS * tags ThePythonGameBook, event, contest, report * googleadsense True * slug 20100201_austria-game-jam [austriagamejam.mira-markus-raff-teresa-plakate] I can proudly report that 4 of my students of participated at the
First public reading from The Python Game Book * date 2010-01-23 10:35 * author Horst JENS * tags ThePythongamebook, code, event * googleadsense True * slug 20100123_first-public-reading-from-the-python-game-book Vienna, 17. Feb. 2010: The first public reading directly from
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