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1121_how-to-fail-building-a-mmog , , , , , , ,
How to fail building a MMOG On 19. Nov 2010 i heard a very interesting lecture: How to fail building a Massively multiplayer online game please note: i write all from memory, incorrect statements and false quotes are to be expected. If videos or papers of the event become availably, you will find them in the links section at the end of this article.
0728_new-logo-for-thepythongamebook-and-blog , , ,
New logo for ThePythonGameBook and blog Thanks to artist Yun Xiang from www.idesire.at i have a new logo for ThePythonGameBook as well as for the blog. See here a history of my logo's: first logo (never published) second logo third logo first blog logo second blog logo blog enghlish thepythongamebook yun_xiang [<>]
0727_teaching-with-thepythongamebook-in-austrian-schools , , , , ,
teaching with ThePythonGameBook in Austrian schools. In June 2010 i hold Python/Pygame workshops in three different schools in Austria. All schools were using some kind of Linux for their computer labs. I was curious how ThePythonGameBook is already useful as a teaching tool.
0604_new-example-game-shooting-with-rockets-and-bullets , ,
new example game: shooting with rockets and bullets A new example game for ThePythonGameBook.com is online: part2 - pygame - step019: homing missiles 2 player can shoot at each other and / or at a big monster with homing missiles and bullets. All objects in the game (players, monsters, bullets, rockets) can collide with each other and make elastic collisions (depending on the mass and the radius).
0531_20-people-16-hours-10-games , , , , , , ,
20 people, 16 hours, 10 games This weekend i made a schooling about game programming for 20 people of Bupp, Austria's state-run Game rating agency. Using ThePythonGameBook and a remastered version of Ubuntu Linux 10.4, the schooling took place at Area 52 in Vienna, a location specialized to host lan-partys and gaming presentations.
0520_new-server , , ,
new server The python Game Book moved to a new server and got a new, official URL: \ The new server allows me to run all the Dokuwiki and all it's plugins without problems. One of those new plugins, already integrated into Dokuwiki is the bookcreator plugin: It allows you to select several wiki pages and download them together as an pdf file. Pages can be even sorted by drag & drop before exporting.
0509_publich-lecture , , , , , , ,
Publich lecture about The Python Game Book at Vienna’s Linux convention. Yesterday morning i hold a public lecture about The Python Game Book at the annual Linux meeting in Vienna, called Wiener Linuxwochen. You can find pictures of the event at my Facebook page and videos at my
0413_new-pages , ,
new pages Found time to work on new sites (wiki pages) of my Python Game Book. Have lot's of ideas for re-working already existing pages and improving nearly all code examples. blog english thepythongamebook [<>]
0321_pygame-running-tuxfighter-on-my-nokia-n900 , , , ,
pygame running Tuxfighter on my Nokia N900 Since a month i am the proud owner of a real Linux mobile phone (Nokia N900]) but i still have to learn about it. After installing a big [[http://www.debian.org|Debian image on it, i was able to install python + pygame (the native Meamo 5 OS does not offer pygame). For fun i checked if my Tuxfighter game runs on the N900. After some editing of the screen resolution i can anwer: YES !
0321_computer-science-for-kids-by-andre-lessa , , , , , , , ,
Review: computer science for Kids by André Lessa I was so impressed by this free book from André Lessa that i did a promo video for him: Lulu.com His code examples are abstract, but he use python syntax. André's Homepage: Get the book: * Free pdf as download:
0201_austria-game-jam , , , , , ,
Austria Game Jam 2010 I can proudly report that 4 of my students of participated at the Austria Game Jam (and therefore at the global game jam). One project -called monkeydoner was submitted during 48 hours, consisting of 3 little games. All programmed with python / pygame using Ubuntu Linux.
0123_first-public-reading-from-the-python-game-book , , ,
First public reading from The Python Game Book Vienna, 17. Feb. 2010: The first public reading directly from The Python Game Book took place during my talk about programming withPygame at a meeting of the PYUGAT (Python User Group Austria) in Vienna's famous hackerspace, the Metalab. My speech was more about practical programming than about
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