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new server

The python Game Book moved to a new server and got a new, official URL:


The new server allows me to run all the Dokuwiki and all it's plugins without problems. One of those new plugins, already integrated into Dokuwiki is the bookcreator plugin: It allows you to select several wiki pages and download them together as an pdf file. Pages can be even sorted by drag & drop before exporting.

Unfortunately, this plugin does not work correctly togehter with the code plugin, making it useless for all sites containing source code examples. I hope to get patches from the plugin authors, because this plugin is too cool to be removed.

At the moment, it is better to export single pages of the wiki as open-office and use open-office to export them into pdf.

A detailed forum-posting about the technical problems between both plugins can be found here:

To date (one week after sending the Email to the plugin authors) i have no response. If possible, i will try to reprogram the pdfplguin so that it produces an openoffice-file instead of pdf.


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