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Publich lecture about The Python Game Book at Vienna’s Linux convention.

Yesterday morning i hold a public lecture about The Python Game Book at the annual Linux meeting in Vienna, called Wiener Linuxwochen.

You can find pictures of the event at my Facebook page and videos at my Youtube Channel.

my lecture

I started the talk about my Python Game Book project for an audience of 8 people (it was Saturday, 10:00 o' clock in the morning) but at the end of the lecture the room was half-full with around 30 people.

After my usual problems of connecting the beamer to my computer (solution: reboot computer while connected to the beamer) i talked about The Python Game Book Project, my experience with other book authors and started explaining some steps of programming in pygame.

Maybe i got into detail a bit too much because the time was running short fast - i had only 30 minutes - so many things left unsaid, like my new “page” about pixel-perfect collision detection:

I managed however to grab the attention of everyone present will hopefully win some more proof readers / co-authors.

Pavol's GameStore project

My follow-up speaker was Pavol Rusnak from OpenSuse who talked about his fascinating Game Store project - a distro-independent “app store” for linux games. I takled later with him and hopefully his project will help to transfer many projects of the pygame website into one-click-to-install linux packages.

here you can see my Video Interview with Pavol about his GameStore project:

coming soon....

I look forward to three lectures about pygame programming that i will held in the next weeks (one for professional game reviewers, two in secondary schools where i know the teachers and the students know about linux / open source).

Hopefully i will be able to change my Dokuwiki to a new server soon; i discovered a fascinating pdf-plugin that sadly does not work correctly with my current server.

Two new “pages” lay on my desktop and just need to be transformed into useful code examples: Tile-based Maze / platform games and Network code.

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