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Austria Game Jam 2010

I can proudly report that 4 of my students of participated at the Austria Game Jam (and therefore at the global game jam). One project -called monkeydoner was submitted during 48 hours, consisting of 3 little games. All programmed with python / pygame using Ubuntu Linux.

One of the sub-games was inspired from an example out of the pythongamebook.

The Austria Game Jam helped me to see other programmers (some also using python/pygame) working with incredible speed and talent. I got valuable input for my pythongamebok.

Sadly i found no time to submit a game myself or become useful for the team i joined, because i was too busy helping out the team of my students.

pictures and a video can be found at my blog entry in German language or here:

pictures: image1


video is no longer in the net, sorry :-(


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