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1115_new-dokuwiki-features-coming-soon , ,
new Dokuwiki features coming soon Good news: The dokuwiki mailing list says that the next dokuwiki version will have improved features for the code plugin. This is good for The Python Game Book because i was never full happy with the existing code module. The new module will make downloading the displayed code more simple (for the author of the wiki book)
1011_code-line-by-line-discussion-better-layout , ,
code line by line discussion: better layout * date 2009-10-11 17:25 * author Horst JENS * tags ThePythonGameBook * slug 20091011_code-line-by-line-discussion-better-layout Responding to critique from users of the german pythonforum i changed the layout of the code
1004_pygame-examples-uploaded , ,
pythongamebook part 2: first pygame examples uploaded The good news: i uploaded the first set of pygame examples into The Python Game Book: The bad news: i have not yet cleaned up several of the errors in part 1 (python). Also explaining text and code discussion for the first pygame examples are still missing except for the very first pygame example.
0922_source-forge , ,
source forge Sourceforge net is now linking directly to The Python Game book. Old sourceforge project website was pygamebook.sf.net and linked to spielend-programmieren wiki instead of directly to pythongamebook.com I had some troubles to recall the correct way for accessing sourceforge websites.
0916_new-url-www-pythongamebook-com , ,
new url: www.pythongamebook.com Finally a new url to The Python Game Book works: while www.pygamebook.com still works, i think www.pythongamebook.com will become the official url for my book. Reasons: the book is more than just a book about pygame, and python is the one element important for all three major parts of the book: programming, 2D graphics and 3D graphics.
0915_first-feedback_first-feedback , ,
first feedback I got responses from a posting (requesting test readers) on a German Python Forum: Many responses, but all responses were high-quality. Now i have time to apply the proposed changes into The Python Game Book. My secret dream that my test readers would do the work for me and simply apply the edits in the wiki did not come true (yet).
0910_one-page-written , ,
one page written I can proudly announce that at least one page of my book is ready: and several other pages are at least created, like the English start / overview page: Note that the url's are not final, please do not link (yet). I'm not totally happy with the code-plugin (code3 plugin from Dokuwiki) but at least i have no client-sid…
0825_dream-and-reality , ,
pygamebook logo – dream and reality I got creative last night and decided that i need a logo for The Python Game Book. My idea is a Tux reading a book, with the python and pygame snake looking over his shoulders and a joystick is visible in the mind of Tux. or so.
0823_openoffice-button , ,
openoffice button my wiki is growing and sport an brand new, self-made “export to OpenOffice” button. Right-Click on the picture and select “View Graphic” to see the screenshot in full size. blog english thepythongamebook [<>]
0820_first-visual-impression , ,
first visual impression I finally figured out a workable multi-lingual configuration for my wiki: dokuwiki and arctic theme and multilingual plugin I may add graphics into the header. blog english thepythongamebook [<>]
0818_the-fist-lines-are-written , ,
the fist lines are written i just wrote the first line of my new book  (the python game book), using a new Dokuwiki. The book is not public visible now, but the url exist: actual URL: it should also be possible to register as new user of the wiki (declaring unbelievable interest in my book project) but i will not make the wiki public readable until i decided at least wich dokuwiki template …
0818_hello-world-2 , ,
coming soon... After three years of mostly talking about,  i will soon start my Python Game Book project.  As it is now, some sketches are visible at and will be migrated into the Python Game Book project. This Blog will remain in English language and hopefully help me to understand the mystics of Dokuwiki's blog-plugin better. My
0612_installing_linux_on_a_dead_badger , ,
Installing Linux on a Dead Badger Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: User's Notes blog english linux [<>]
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