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pythongamebook part 2: first pygame examples uploaded

The good news: i uploaded the first set of pygame examples into The Python Game Book:


The bad news: i have not yet cleaned up several of the errors in part 1 (python). Also explaining text and code discussion for the first pygame examples are still missing except for the very first pygame example.

Unsolved problems: the open-office export works but make the line breaks differently than DokuWiki (big surprise). This is specially bad when quoting python code examples. I see no solution for this problem at the moment.

Unsolved problems: Internet explorer somehow messes up Dokuwiki's code2 plugin. The code is visible, but the code window looks messy. I hope the DokuWiki guru's come up with a solution, as i am neither capable nor willing to care for Internet Explorer users.

Here a screenshot of pygame code example 006: The little blue ball “moves” before the big brown ball (the background), using a dirty rect method.


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